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Degree in Business and Music

Visualise pursuing studies in your area of passion while qualifying as a highly sought-after professional? A degree in Business and Music from the University of Adelaide, a global 1% university, will prepare you for a dynamic 21st century career in multiple fields, ranging from the conventional corporate sector to the arts to performance and events business.

The University of Adelaide, a prestigious Group of Eight (Go8) university in Australia, has joined hands with Gateway Graduate School and the Soul Sounds Academy, to offer a pathway to a Bachelor of Business (Major) and Music (Minor). The first year of the degree will be jointly delivered in Sri Lanka by Gateway Graduate School and the Soul Sounds Academy. On successful completion of the first year, students will receive an international Diploma in Business (awarded by UK’s NCC Education) and a Diploma in Music (jointly awarded by Gateway Graduate School and the Soul Sounds Academy). They will also qualify to go onto the second year of undergraduate studies at the University of Adelaide to complete a degree in Business and Music. This exclusive opportunity becomes further attractive to parents, as they will incur less expenses on overseas study of their children with the ability to save a year’s tuition and accommodation fees in Australia.

Duration of The Programme and Intakes

The standard duration of the common first year in Sri Lanka to earn the Diplomas in Business and Music is one year.
There will be two intakes every year: January and September

NCC Education’s Level 4 Diploma In Business

(Delivered By Gateway Graduate School)

Students will be able to complete the Diploma in Business, which is developed as per the National Occupational Standards (NOS) of the UK and is regulated by OFQUAL (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in England), with Gateway Graduate School. The Diploma is equivalent to the first year of undergraduate degree studies and is recognised by universities in the UK, Australia, Malaysia and Ireland as an entry qualification for joining second year of Bachelor’s degree programmes in Business-related fields including Finance. The units (modules) offered in the Diploma in Business provide a comprehensive framework of knowledge, understanding and skills in both traditional and contemporary subjects related to Business and Management:

Unit Title
Credit Weighting
1. Business Mathematics
15 Credits
This unit enables students to develop skills pertaining to a range of mathematical and statistical techniques and concepts as applicable to different business scenarios.
2. Communications for Business
15 Credits
Through this unit students will be able to learn different types of business communication techniques and approaches (written, oral and non-verbal).
3. e-Business
15 Credits
This unit explores the various concepts and models of e-Business, including the strategies and planning processes concerning business-to-consumer and business-to-business aspects of e-Business.
4. Essentials of Management
15 Credits
This unit provides a strong foundation in the essentials of management; it particularly covers the function of management, the management decision-making process, management and organisational strategies, management’s influence on individual and group performance as well as the theories of leadership and control.
5. Fundamentals of Economics
15 Credits
This unit will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of microeconomics and macroeconomics to aid the process of business decision-making.
6. Introduction to Finance
15 Credits
Through this unit students will be able to develop a fundamental understanding of the accounting processes within business organisations; they will also acquire the basic skills required for carrying out financial analysis to support business decision-making.
7. Principles of Marketing
15 Credits
This unit enables students to develop an understanding of the key concepts and principles of marketing that can be used as strategic and operational tools to meet organizational goals and objectives in dynamic business environments.
8. Understanding Business Organisations
15 Credits
Through this unit students will get the opportunity to evaluate various types of organization and the different forms of organizational structure; they will also examine and assess the key concepts of organizational change, communication processes within organizations, monitoring of organizational performance and the role of IT systems on the performance and structure of an organization.

Diploma in Music

(Delivered by The Soul Sounds Academy)

The Diploma in Music, carefully developed by experienced and qualified faculty at the Soul Sounds Academy, consists of two units (modules) that explore and take into consideration both performance as well as historical and theoretical aspects of Music. The units of the programme are in keeping with international standards and have been developed in collaboration with the University of Adelaide, Australia. It is aimed at the level of competence needed for the first year of undergraduate studies for Music unit taught at leading higher education institutions around the world whilst keeping in mind the general trend of students in Sri Lanka. The units offering the Diploma in Music are as follows:

Module Title
Credit Weighting
1. Performance in Relation to the Historical Evolution of Music
25 Credits
This unit provides opportunity to explore the historical evolution of Music in relation to performance; students will develop their skills (depending on their speciality) for different types of Music performance.
2. Theoretical Aspects of Music
20 Credits
This unit enables students to develop technical knowledge of theoretical aspects of Music.

The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a world-class teaching and research institution that pursues innovation and prepares the leaders of tomorrow. As Australia’s third oldest university, which is also a member of the Group of Eight (Go8) institutions, the University of Adelaide has a well-established reputation for excellence and progressive thinking. The university is ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide. Adelaide recognises exceptional people as one of its greatest assets and has over 110 Rhodes Scholars and 5 Nobel Laureates among it distinguished alumni and staff. Students learn with, and from, international counterparts from over 100 different countries, providing the opportunity to build strong global networks.

Entry Requirements


  • Candidates are expected to have at least one Advanced Level subject plus a minimum of grades C for the subjects of Mathematics and English at OLs/IGCSEs.
  • OR
  • The NCC Level 3 International Foundation Diploma in Higher Education Studies offered by Gateway Graduate School


  • Minimum Grade 6 Performance Graded Examination from ABRSM/Trinity College of Music/London School of Music together with Grade 5 Theory of Music
  • OR
  • GCE Advanced Level Examination (MUSIC) and an audition
  • OR
  • Grade 6 IWMS (Local Exam) and an audition
  • OR
  • An audition and a general written examination (held by the Soul Sounds Academy) on the basics of Music
  • OR
  • For those who do not meet one of the above entry requirements, a foundation programme in Music offered by the Soul Sounds Academy

Academic Progression Opportunities

Upon successful completion of your studies with Gateway Graduate School and the Soul Sounds Academy in Sri Lanka, you will have the opportunity to progress onto the second year of one of the following degree programmes at the University of Adelaide:

  • Bachelor of Business (Major) and Music (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Business (Global)
  • Bachelor of Finance
  • Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Commerce
At its own discretion, the University of Adelaide may admit students to other undergraduate programmes.

Please note: In addition to the progression options available with the University of Adelaide, students can also transfer to other university degree programmes in fields related to Business and Management offered in countries such as the UK, Australia, Ireland and Malaysia. Students will also be able to complete their full degree studies in Business Management with a British university under a period of two years at Gateway Graduate School. Kindly contact us for more information.

Career Opportunities

The dynamic business environment of the 21st century requires people who are able to go beyond narrowly defined specialisations. The constant changes witnessed due to disruptive technology and innovations necessitate that graduates entering employment markets have an aptitude for creativity, emotional intelligence and people skills. By combining Business and Music for undergraduate studies, it will be possible for you to demonstrate to employers that you are a well-rounded person who can adapt to the demands and challenges of constantly changing workplace environments. You will also have the opportunity to explore career opportunities within sectors such as the arts, entertainment, media and events management. Also, possessing an award from a world-leading institution such as the University of Adelaide, will place you in a position to target the best organisations for employment within the international job markets.


The NCC Level 4 Diploma in Business is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) in the UK. As such, it will enable those who have successfully completed the qualification to transfer to various universities across the world with exemptions equivalent to the first year’s degree studies.

The University of Adelaide is a publicly funded and leading research-led higher education institution in Australia which commands international respect.