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School of Computing and Digital Technology

Our School of Computing and Digital Technology focuses on providing cutting edge international programmes related to Computing, Information Technology and Digital Communications. Students have the option to complete an exciting BSc (Hons) Computing degree programme of Teesside University (UK) in Sri Lanka with us. This programme is designed to provide a broad platform in the field of Computing and Information Technology such that students will have the opportunity to develop their specialisations on the basis of solid programming and systems designing knowledge and skills.

Our outlook towards teaching and learning is underpinned by a commitment to engage students in practical projects pertaining to technology while ensuring that the necessary academic rigour is maintained. Students get the opportunity to participate in IT consultancy projects, development of enterprise solutions, industry tours, internships and peer-to-peer collaborations. As such, throughout your studies, you will develop your employability skills for an exciting global career in technology.

  • Dreaming of a career that will allow you to be at the vanguard of innovative developments of the 21st Century? Computing will form the bedrock of the technologies that support business functioning and research in the future. The BSc (Hons) Computing programme offered at Gateway Graduate School will empower you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to forge a vibrant career in multiple fields.

  • Gateway Graduate School (GGS) offers the NCC Education’s Level 4 Diploma in Computing as a qualification equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree programme in Computing and Information Technology related fields. The NCC Level 4 Diploma in Computing is also available as an accelerated programme for students completing their Advanced Level studies at Gateway Colleges and other schools in Sri Lanka. The programme comprises 120 Credits. It is developed as per the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) of UK and is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) in England. As such, it is internationally recognised as equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree programme in subjects pertaining to Computing and Information Technology.

  • NCC Level 3 International Foundation Diploma in Higher Education Studies is an alternative qualification to the traditional Advanced Levels. International Foundation studies is becoming popular among students who are inclined towards a more practical approach to higher education preparation. Students will have the additional advantage of qualifying for higher education progression within a period of one year as opposed to taking two years for Advanced Level studies.