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Dulith C Perera

World Prize (1st in the World for NCC Level 4 Diploma in Business and NCC Level 5 Diploma in Business)

I started the Level 4 Diploma in Business in 2014, while doing my Advanced Levels at Gateway College Rajagiriya. Currently, I am following the third year of my BA (Hons) in Business Administration degree, which is awarded by the University of Worcester, UK. This degree provides a great depth of knowledge about a wide variety of areas such as marketing, accounting, human resources, information systems and many more. The content and knowledge that I gained through the Level 4 Diploma in Business largely assisted me in my Advanced Levels and was instrumental in allowing me to achieve 3 A grades. The knowledge gained through the Diploma has also enabled me to do well in my CIMA examinations.

I have always found the different fields in business quite interesting and fascinating; thus concentrating and studying for the Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas in Business was never a problem. Therefore, for anyone who is planning to start their higher studies, always try and choose a path that you love and the rest will follow. Hence, focusing at lectures or studying for exams becomes a habit rather than a hassle.

In addition to the effort that you provide, you will also need immense support from your lecturers to achieve world recognised results. Their experience and knowledge is invaluable for your success. Since the beginning, I have received immense support and encouragement from my lecturers at Gateway Graduate School. Their assistance, knowledge and guidance was one of the major reasons that helped me to achieve 8 Distinctions in the Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas in Business, while allowing me to secure a 1st in the world prize for the Level 4 Diploma (2016 academic year) and Level 5 Diploma (2017 academic year) in the respective years.

Moreover, Gateway Graduate School provides an invaluable opportunity for the third year students, where they are able to join internship programmes in various renowned companies in Sri Lanka. Hence, you gain a priceless experience at a globally recognised company while elevating your knowledge to a great extent. I was also given the opportunity to work at Hatton National Bank Plc, where I gained a great deal of knowledge while enjoying a very unique experience.

Therefore, I recommend anyone to join Gateway Graduate School for their higher studies and enrol in any of the unique degree programmes that are offered, as it will not only expand your knowledge but will also provide you with a priceless experience.

Sanjula Madurapperuma

1st in the World for NCC Level 5 Diploma in Computing

My experience at Gateway Graduate School was a great one and the Diploma in Computing has helped me gain the knowledge of the basics of every area in the IT field. This laid a strong foundation for me to progress in learning with the hope of specialisation in the future. I should thank each and every one of the lecturers at Gateway Graduate School for guiding me and showing me my true capabilities to reach my achievements. I should also specially thank Mr. Trevin, Mr. Nalin, Ms. Upulika, Ms. Himali, Ms. Samantha and Ms. Niroshi for the support I received.

Amaya Maliduwapathirana

World Prize (2nd in the World for NCC Level 4 Diploma in Business)

The continuous passion and willingness to study has helped me achieve this success. Moreover, the constant guidance by the friendly lecturers have helped me clear my doubts and ensured every lecture was fun, educational and interactive. This global award I have gained from NCC will really add value to my future endeavours.

Sonali Abeysinghe

World Prize (3rd in the World for NCC Level 4 Diploma in Business Information Technology)

This is undoubtedly a fine achievement for me to get a position as a high achiever among all of the international students. This would not have been possible without the immense support and guidance provided by my lecturers and classmates, as well as through self-studying by setting up deadlines to complete assignments and studies to face the exams stress free.