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Asheni Ehelepegamage

I am Asheni Ehelepegamage, a past pupil of Gateway College Kandy and also Gateway Graduate School (GGS). I successfully completed my degree at Gateway Graduate School which offers a BA (Hons) Business Administration degree awarded by the University of Worcester, UK. I am proud to inform that I have recently graduated from the University of Worcester. At present, I am the owner of ALÙRA, which is an online based clothing business. My business was recently awarded the Number 1 online store in Sri Lanka and it has won popularity over many businesses. Every subject I studied in my British degree programme at GGS has been of value to get to where I am today. I would like to specifically mention modules like Business Communication as well as Financial Management as they have helped me immensely in carrying out my day-to-day business activities.

In addition, the NCC qualifications in Business that obtained while studying at GGS have enabled me to develop an international outlook. The qualifications are developed as per the National Occupational Standards (NOS) of the UK and as such have helped me achieve international-standard competencies as a management professional.

To conclude with, I would like to mention that I had a great experience studying at GGS. The teaching staff were extremely friendly and approachable. They helped me relate the theories to practical business contexts.

I want to inform both existing and prospective students that studying at GGS for international business qualifications is a very smart decision. I wish all of you all the very best.