Pearson SRF BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Teaching and Educational Management is a qualification offered by Edexcel, UK. The qualification aims to provide continuing professional development for experienced teachers working in a range of settings and sectors, and with different age groups. The course content and the assessment structure enable the learner to acquire self-learning skills, an essential pedagogical skill for teachers. Learners will carry out action research in a subject linked to their teaching. They will develop a greater understanding of teaching and learning pedagogy. Educational psychology will form a basis for all the work learners carry out for this qualification.

Self-reflection and self-evaluation improves the effectiveness of a teacher's professional practice and it could be obtained through professional learning. Since professional learning gained momentum within a few years of its practice, it is important to update one’s knowledge and experience to be an effective teacher. Further, being a life-long learner is an important characteristic of teacher professionalism and it is imperative that you invest on your own education to be an effective teacher.

  • Awarding body
    Pearson Edexcel, UK
  • Duration of The Programme and Intakes
    The duration will be three (1) year of part-time studies.
    There will be three (3) intakes per year: February, July and October.
  • Entry Criteria
    • Degree with 6 months’ teaching experience
    • Professional qualification in teaching with a minimum of one year’s teaching experience
    • Learners who have successfully completed Pearson BTEC Level 4 Professional Diploma in Teaching and Learning
    • Learners must be proficient in their level of English
    • Learners must be in service (teaching at a primary or secondary school)
  • The Units to be studied
    Unit 1 : Educational Psychology and The Learner
    Unit 2 : Evaluation of the Learner Performance
    Unit 3 : Educational Professional Practice
    Unit 4 : Principles in Curriculum Design for Inclusivity
    Unit 5 : Evaluation and Assessment of Structured Learning
    Unit 6 : Action Research in Teaching and Learning
    Unit 7 : Educational Leadership and Management
    Unit 8 : School Counselling
    Unit 9 : Language across the Curriculum
    Unit 10 : Coaching and Mentoring for Teachers
    Unit 11 : Portfolio of Professional Practice
    Unit 12 : Digital Learning in Practice
  • Delivery

    Modes of Delivery: Face to face, Blended learning and Distance Learning

    The course is delivered over a period of 1 year, on Saturdays from 8.00 am – 3.00 pm at the Gateway Graduate School, Colombo.

  • Assessment

    Assessments are based on written assignments, oral presentations and reflective records and there are no final examinations.

  • Career Opportunities
    Upon the successful completion of the programme participants can progress in their teaching careers and/or educational administrative careers or gain entry into the teaching professional within the non-government sector in Sri Lanka.
  • Recognition

    Pearson Edexcel, which awards Pearson BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Teaching and Educational Management, is the largest British awarding body. It has widespread international presence. As such, it is recognised in many parts of the world, particularly within the education sector as an institution which awards outcomes-based professional qualifications of the highest quality.

Contact Details

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    Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.
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